A Slower Ontology

This installation acts as a eulogy for the 43rd U.S. Colored Infantry, Black soldiers who fought in the Battle of Crater (Virginia) in 1864 during the Civil War. Newly “freed” Black men were recruited to fight this battle due to the casualties of white Union soldiers. After fighting valiantly to push back Confederate forces, betrayal took, as the white Union soldiers suddenly began to obliterate their fellow Black soldiers in the crater. This installation was set at the Niles House, located in Portland, Maine, once home to the Niles Family during the 1800’s. Three sons from this family, Henry, John, and Benjamin, fought in the 43rd U.S. Colored Infantry.

ASO Battle of Crater
A Convenient Soldier
ASO Cell Memory
ASO Crib Grave
Dharma Protectors
ASO Living Ancestor
ASO Monad
ASO Stillbirth
ASO Sovereign
Battle of Crater
Niles House. Portland, Maine.

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